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A Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) is certified through a training program that is nationally-recognized and standardized. Technicians are educated on best practice recommendations, occupant protection systems, child restraint use, the law and more.


These technicians are educated on practical skills that help families at clinic events, private seat checks, workshops, community events or with the confines of their careers.


Certified technicians are expected to be re-certified every three years to ensure that they continue to build their knowledge on new and existing seats and to keep up with new and changed regulations. 

It is crucial for technicians to continue their education past the initial certification.

At Li'l Squirts your safety is our number 1 priority.

At Li'l Squirts, we believe that just being certified is not enough. No matter how many times we have installed a specific car seat or in a specific vehicle model, we always read the manuals prior to any appointment to ensure that the seat is always installed correctly and safely. 


If we run into an incompatibility issue with the seat and vehicle, we will contact the car seat manufacturer or vehicle manufacturer to troubleshoot.

We are CPSAC certified to install car Seats and trained in Special Healthcare Needs transportation. In doing so, we ensure that car seats are properly installed for the safety and security of your children.

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