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What you can expect from your Car Seat Safety Check with Li'l Squirts:

Prior to the appointment we will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Make, year and model of vehicle

  • Child’s age, weight and height (please note that we will not require this information if this is a prenatal appointment)

  • Make and model of car seat

This appointment will take place at our location in Milton, your home or another determined location within our service areas. Each appointment will take approximately one hour.

If your seat is already installed in your vehicle we will:
  • Check the current installation

  • Take out the car seat to ensure that the harness straps, UAS and/or seatbelt aren’t twisted, all car seat parts are installed correctly and nothing is under the seat that shouldn’t be

  • We will walk you through the changes we will need to make and document them in our check form

  • Why do we do this? Car seat misuse is often not visible at your first glance and can be hidden behind what looks like a perfectly installed seat!

If your seat isn’t currently installed in your vehicle we will:
  • Set up the seat for installation (attach rebound bars, rear facing base or boot etc…)

  • Walk you through how we are setting up the seat for installation

  • We will do a recall check on your car seat or parts of your car seat, if applicable

  • All your questions will be answered. Please make a list before your appointment to ensure that we cover all of them!

  • If you’re booking a prenatal appointment, we can either bring our training doll with us or you can bring a teddy bear or doll that will be used to help you learn how to properly do up a harness, check for strap tightness, use infant inserts (if applicable), and use blankets safely

  • If you child is present, we will have you put them in the seat to check for a proper fit. If they will not be present, we ask you to provide their seated height so we can make the proper adjustments to the harness height

  • We will provide a full installation lesson and walk you through the installation process step by step

  • We will educate you on all the changes you will need to make to your seat as your child grows

  • You will receive a CPSAC seat check form for your records, explaining what was done in the appointment


Please note that not all car seats are compatible with all vehicles. We always recommend consulting a Child Passenger Safety Technician prior to purchasing a new car seat to ensure it will work in your vehicle!


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