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Lil Squirts CPSAC Certified Car Seat Tec

The city of Guelph has welcomed Li'l Squirts into their community with open arms.


Not only do we offer all of our services within the city including installation and mobile cleaning services, but we also have participated in a clinic where we Volunteered at a Car Seat Clinic at the Guelph Fire Station.

The Tesla is an up and coming popular vehicle for many individuals who want to be more environmentally friendly.


Here, we have successfully installed a Graco Nautilus SnugLock in a Tesla Model S!


Guelph 1.jpg
Guelph 2.jpg

We have installed a variety of car seats in and around the Greater Toronto Area, here we have successfully installed two rear facing Clek Fllo car seats.


Although we install these car seats in a variety of cars, in this photo we installed them in a BMW X3.

We've helped thousands of parents, grandparents and caregivers ensure that their car seats are installed correctly,  cleaned correctly, and used correctly every time the child is buckled in.

Li'l Squirts has also installed car seats in cars including:

  • Dodge Durango

  • Ford F150

  • Chevrolet Tahoe

  • And over 30 more makes and models

Car Seat Icons-22.png
Car Seat Icons-19.png
Car Seat Icons-20.png
Car Seat Icons-21.png


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