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What Our Amazing Clients Are Saying...

 We had our car seat cleaned. Their customer service is absolutely amazing! Melissa answered all my questions in an extremely professional way. She made the process so easy. When I had to cancel the pick-up a few times she was very understanding. Our car seat is beautifully cleaned and we are looking forward to using it for our youngest child. I have also contacted them in the past through Facebook to get advice on which car seat to purchase for my children and they are very knowledgeable. They really helped me to pick the right car seat for what I was looking for. I felt much more well informed after speaking with them. Thank you Li’l Squirts for everything you have done. I would highly recommend them!

- Leah R via Facebook Reviews


I found out about Melissa on Milton Mommies when we struggled to install our second car seat. She was quick at responding to my inquiry and was able to fit me in the next day! Melissa is really passionate about what she does and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Not only did she ensure our car seat was installed properly, but she also gave me SO many tips and tricks. As new parents, you 'think' you've installed your car seat correctly, but there's no way to ever tell. All new parents should know about this service. I'm so thankful to have found Melissa. You can't put a price on your baby's safety!! Thank you so much Melissa, we will be lifelong clients!

- Sarah B via Facebook Reviews


I had a pack N play that had lost a fight between a toddler and a whole tub of diaper cream. I thought about buying a new one until I found Lil squirts. I took my chances and to say that I'm amazed is an understatement. It's literally magic, I had to ask if they had bought me a new one, it was that good. Thanks again.


- Ana Maria via Facebook Reviews


5 years, 2 babes and a lot of use later.... my stroller was a mess! Li'l Squirts returned my stroller looking brand spankin' new! I will be a returning customer for sure!


- Gaynor M. via Facebook Reviews


Wonderful, fast service! Our stroller was dropped off today and it looked brand new! Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Thank you!

- Lisa E. via Facebook Reviews



We had Melissa come and install our carseat/give us a lesson on how it works and it was amazing! She was knowledgable, friendly, and she made us feel confident in the use and safety of our carseat. We are grateful for her expertise. I would highly recommend her services!


- Katie M. vis Facebook Reviews



Melissa came out to install my newborn car seat, she was amazing! This wasn’t something I realized I would need…but after hearing about her services, I am so happy she was the one to install our little man’s seat. I feel so much better knowing it was installed by a pro; she takes her job very seriously & stays on top of her training! 

Not only was she super passionate & full of car seat knowledge, she followed all of the Covid safety protocols!  She arrived with her mask on, put on new gloves before she started the install…and even sanitized the pen before I signed off.  I work in dental & know all about cross contamination, but she gave me nothing to worry about!   She was very thorough & took her time to explain absolutely everything. I can’t believe how much I learned about car seat safety, & I will definitely be calling her when it’s time for our next stage seat to be installed!  (She even gave me recommendations of what to buy next, so I don't have to worry about all that research down the road!).


- Liz M. via Facebook Review



Thanks for helping us with our car seat problems - And I thought every car seat would work in every car! Ha!


- Kelly DF via Facebook Reviews



Couldn't be happier! Melissa took the time to fit my baby properly in the carseat after being cleaned and gave me a run through on sizing the seat for his height and straps. Beyond pleased!!


- Steph M. via Facebook Reviews



This is one of the best services my husband and I have ever experienced! We brought in a 2011 stroller that needed much cleaning and we were surprised that it came back looking brand new! The owner, Melissa inspected everything from the handle, to the basket and to the wheels and cleaned every stain we you can ever imagine! Her service is top notched and we really appreciated how she taught us (first time parents) to use the stroller and gave her thoughts and suggestions on what car seats to buy and how to properly install them. Li’l Squirts is definitely and highly recommended!! Thanks Melissa!!


- Gian F. via Facebook Reviews


Such a great experience! Li’L Squirts picked and dropped off, and left my stroller spotless. It looks brand new! Would recommend for sure!


- Cobie Lynn D. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa came to my house to install my sons car seat in my car. She was super informative and very reliable! Will definitely be in touch again when I decide to move my son to forward facing.


- L. Ramirez via Facebook Reviews


We had Melissa out to help us with our Graco 4Ever and her assistance, knowledge and willingness to answer a multitude of questions was incredibly fantastic. We now have the confidence and peace of mind to make changes to his car seat as our son grows and in using it everyday. Thank you Melissa!


- Nikki F.G. via Facebook Reviews


Couldn’t say better things about Lil Squirts and the services rendered to me! Melissa is super knowledgeable, she really knows her stuff and my car seat looks brand spanking new!
- Kayla D. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa has done multiple car seat installs for us and I couldn’t be happier with the service. Punctual, professional, very knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommend!


- Anna G. via Facebook Reviews



Incredible service and professionalism! Highly recommend.
- Tina S. via Facebook Reviews

Melissa is amazing! She just finished installing 2 seats for my car and my Mom's car. Super informative and I learned so much more than I already knew. Melissa is so knowledgeable and professional and willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She's very thorough too! I cannot say enough good things. Thank you Melissa for helping to ensure my daughter is safe in our car and her grandparents car!


- Sheena S. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa did an excellent job installing our car seats in our new car, and helping us figure out logistics for that car and our secondary vehicle. She is super friendly and knowledgeable, and I couldn't recommend her more highly!


- Erin M. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa was absolutely wonderful. She was very caring and ensured that we were confident should any adjustments be needed. I would definitely recommend her service.


- Aleks P. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa changed my daughter's car seat to forward and she loves it! Melissa was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Her expertise with Clek car seats gave me helpful information and recommendations. I plan to use the service to get the seat cleaned in future. Many thanks!


- Alison M.W. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa showed us how to install my daughters car seat yesterday and she was fantastic. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and clearly explained all the ins and outs of our seat so that we all felt confident installing it ourselves. Highly recommend her services to anyone installing a new seat. Thanks Melissa!


- Michelle E. via Facebook Reviews


Melissa showed me (Grandma) and Mom and Dad how to install and use a new car seat. She was so patient and kind. A great experience. Having her help us made a world of difference! Thanks Melissa!!


- Elizabeth P.L. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa cleaned our infant car seat and installed two car seats on a particularly miserable rainy day. One of our car seats needed new parts. Melissa was very understanding and offered to contact the manufacturer to obtain quotes for the replacements. She installed two car seats quickly and efficiently and went through all the intricacies of the seats. Melissa was amazing and I would happily recommend her services to others.


- Natalie J. via Facebook Reviews



Melissa came out to install our new convertible car seat. She was so wonderful, I can’t say enough good things about her and their service. She was knowledgeable, and instructed us on all the important things and changes we have to make as our daughter gets older. She went above and beyond by giving us recommendations for our other car, and even checking if our bucket seal was installed properly when we expressed some concerns about it! We’ll definitely be having her come back when we get our second convertible car seat!


- Marina S. via Google Reviews


We just had our visit with Stephanie & Melissa, what a wonderful experience!! To start of, Stephanie texted us that they were on their way and what time they would arrive. All safety protocols were followed to the T. Both ladies spent time to walk us through what they were going to do with the car seats, they even looked at the car seats in the second vehicle and provided us with a recommendation on what would work best. It was truly a pleasure to have them adjust our kids car seats and I would definitely recommend their company!!


- Keith & Lindsay D. via Google Reviews



Amazing service! Made my uppababy stroller look brand new and really went that extra mile on the little details! Very very happy and would recommend to all my friends and family! :)


- Elle G. via Google Reviews



Outstanding service from beginning to end! Melissa and her team helped us with a car seat install and cleaning of some baby gear. They were extremely professional and kept us up to date at every step, they even took the time to give us before and after pics! Highly recommend Li'l Squirts to any parents or parents-to-be!


- David H. via Google Reviews


The ladies that came to do the installation for both my children's car seats were amazing. Very thorough and friendly! Gave me some pointers on how to make it easy to keep clean. They also cleaned/ disinfected my baby stroller for resale....after they were done, looked like new. A BIG THANK YOU TO Stephanie and Melissa.


- Anna F. via Google Reviews



After being involved in a hit and run car accident I needed to replace both my kids carseats in a hurry. Stephanie was awesome. She gave me great recommendations about the most suitable car seat choices for my kids based on my car make & model and also my desire to continue rear facing my son for as long as possible. After I'd purchased the seats she also made herself available to ensure I installed the seats correctly. More recently I also needed advice about purchasing an extra car seat specifically for use on a vacation which involved a flight. Stephanie's suggestions helped me select a carseat that was economical and suitable for use by either of my children. I would recommend Stephanie and Melissa in a heartbeat, these ladies are friendly, helpful and really know their stuff!


- Heidi R. via Google Reviews



Excellent service. They helped my husband and I with an initial install before our little one arrived. I contacted them again recently for help when I returned from vacation as I was concerned about my son’s head positioning in the seat and feared I had re-installed the seat incorrectly. Turns out there was a damaged piece I didn’t realize was damaged - total lifesavers!


- Haylie J. via Google Reviews

We had Melissa come and install our carseat/give us a lesson on how it works and it was amazing! She was knowledgable, friendly, and she made us feel confident in the use and safety of our carseat. We are grateful for her expertise. I would highly recommend her services!


- Katie F. via Google Reviews



I was very pleased to see my baby car seat! It was nice and clean!! Thank you again


- Pasquiline M. via Square Reviews



Thanks for the great car seat installation lesson, you were very knowledgeable and we're really happy we chose to work with you on it. Thanks again!


- Darryl H. via Square Reviews

I’m very happy with the results of the stroller cleaning. The stroller was stored away for over 20 years and Li’l Squirts made it look new again. Great job!!


- Geraldine M. via Square Reviews



Thank you so much Melissa and Stephanie for installing my grandsons rear facing car seat, in my driveway! You not only installed it - which I found difficult - but also taught me a lot about the reasons behind all the safety recommendations. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants their child’s, or grandchild’s, car seat installed properly. I feel very confident now that I know I’ve had the “pros” look after this most important installation.


- Mary Elaine M. via Square Reviews


Amazing experience and totally worth it!! Will definitely be recommending Li’l Squirts!


- Sarah Z. via Square Reviews




Melissa is super knowledgeable and has extreme expertise in this field. I learned so much in such a short amount of time - MANY MANY THANKS!!!!


- Galit O. via Square Reviews



Melissa is very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend her to anyone.


- Pamela M. via Square Reviews


Melissa is knowledgeable, thorough and friendly! I would highly recommend her services!


- Susie D. via Square Reviews



Thank you!! I feel much more confident driving my kids around.


- Sara O. via Square Reviews



Melissa was amazing!! So helpful and did a great job of explaining all of the changes that needed to be made. I won’t hesitate to use her again and recommend her to others!


- Tina M. via Square Reviews



Melissa is so great! She is very knowledgeable and always happy to help and answer my questions!


- Michelle A. via Square Reviews



Very professional in her approach. Received good advice and will surely recommend to others.


- Catherine N. via Square Reviews



I’m so relieved to be aware of what is and is not allowed/safe in my respective minivans. So crazy that vehicle manufacturers don’t make “family vans” completely family-friendly!


- Christa W. via Square Reviews



Melissa was amazing. She did a fantastic job. It was done in a timely manner and my stroller came out better than I imagined. Thank you so much Melissa :)


- Candace K. via Square Reviews



Attention to safety details and step by step explanation during set up and on how to make any safe necessary adjustments in the future.

- Jonathan J. via Square Reviews

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