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Lil Squirts CPSAC Certified Car Seat Tec

Milton is the home to the Li'l Squirts head office and community involvement is so important for our brand. In Milton, we offer all of our services while also participating in clinics throughout the city.


Here we have included some past clinics that we have been involved in:

  • Car Seat Clinic at the Womb

  • Halton Partners for Car Seat Safety Prenatal Clinic at the Milton Fire Station

  • RoadSide Spot Check with the Halton Partners for Car Seat Safety

  • Car Seat Education Booth at Robert Baldwin School Fair

Despite the popularity of the Chicco KeyFit infant car seat, the technicians at Li'l Squirts always read the manual for proper installation.


In this photo, we have successfully completed the installation of the Chicco KeyFit car seat in a Toyota Prius.

Milton 1.jpg
Milton 2.jpg

In this photo we have installed both the Chicco MyFit and Graco 4Ever car seats in a Honda CRV.


The Li'l Squirts team has effectively installed these seats while also educating parents on the reinstallation process to eliminate any confusion in the future.

We've helped thousands of parents, grandparents and caregivers ensure that their car seats are installed correctly,  cleaned correctly, and used correctly every time the child is buckled in.

Li'l Squirts has also installed car seats in cars including:

  • Kia Forte

  • Audi A5

  • Volkswagen Jetta

  • And over 30 more makes and models

Car Seat Icons-22.png
Car Seat Icons-19.png
Car Seat Icons-20.png
Car Seat Icons-21.png


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