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CAR SEAT TECH TIP: The Tickle Test

A chest clip is what holds your child in their car seat right?

Although it may look that way, the chest clip is a pre-crash positioner and is not designed for holding a child in their car seat. In fact, it is actually expected that the chest clip will slide down and/or come open in a crash.

The only job of a chest clip is to ensure that the harness straps are where they are supposed to be on the child's shoulders prior to a collision. The properly placed and tightened harness in conjunction with the crotch buckle is what holds your child in their seat and will make sure they are as safe as possible in a collision.

When properly positioned, the chest clip should be located at the child's armpit level. This is why we always teach parents to do the “tickle test” when positioning the chest clips.

To do the tickle test you:

  1. Buckle the chest clip

  2. Once buckled, reach your fingers across the chest clip and try to tickle the child's armpits

  3. If you can tickle their armpits it’s in the correct spot. If you can’t, move the chest clip up or down until you can tickle their armpits.

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