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How to Tighten Your Infant Seat without Breaking into a Sweat!

Have you been struggling to get your infant seat tight? If so this “tech tip” is a total game changer! Share this trick with all your friends!

Step #1: Read your car seat manual and vehicle manual.

Step #2: Select your method of installation (in this video we are demonstrating an installation with UAS). Note: Most car seats and vehicles do not allow the use of both a seat belt and UAS together, you must select one or the other.

Step #3: Make sure your recline is correct and the car seat fits properly on the vehicle seat as per your car seat manual Note: Most car seats have a specific overhang allowance.

Step #4: Connect the lower anchors. Make sure none of the straps are twisted and you are using the designated anchors or buckle for the seating position you selected. Note: If you are using the middle vehicle seat and it doesn’t have a designed set of lower anchors, then the only way to use the UAS is if the vehicle and car seat allow you to borrow them from the outboard seats.

Step #5: Push your knee into the back of the car seat to compress it into the vehicle seat, push down on the seat with one hand (do not use your full body weight) and pull the UAS strap from inside the car seat belt path (not outside of it) with the other hand.

Step #6: Check at the belt path only, if your seat is moving more than 1”, if it is, repeat Step #5, if not, you are done :)

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